Acme Studios — Kevin Leong & Elizabeth Woods

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Kevin Leong & Elizabeth Woods

Associate Artist Residency

Kevin Leong is an Australian artist whose work poses questions about sites, habits and belief systems. He is a long-time collaborator with Elizabeth Woods, an Australian artist, educator and consultant whose practice focuses on developing relationships between art, site and the community.

Select works include See you tomorrow, Sirius Arts Centre, Ireland 2019, Proof of Life, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Australia, 2017, Peace and Quiet, State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 2016 and The Homesickness Project, Logan City, Queensland 2014-2015.

Associate Artist Residency

Acme's Associate Artist Residency allows artists to apply directly to Acme for shorter-term (up to three months) residency opportunities. These residencies are selected directly by Acme and tailored to suit the development and networking needs of international artists, allowing them to engage in research, develop relationships and focus on their work in a supported environment.