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Amanda Möstrom

City & Guilds of London School of Art Award

Amanda Möstrom makes interactive installations.

Amanda works with a range of different materials to create objects within the designed environment that encourage playfulness and audience interaction. Her work questions the nature of the gallery space by questioning the viewers' assumptions and removing hierarchical expectations.

Amanda has exhibited at Castor Projects London, Galerie Chloe Salgado Paris, and Blockhouse Tokyo Japan. She was selected as one of Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2017.

Amanda was selected for the City & Guilds of London Arts School Award 2017/18 by Andrew Grassie (artist), Tamiko O'Brien (City & Guilds), Julia Lancaster (Acme), and Charlie Coffey (Acme).

City & Guilds of London School of Art Award

The award is a partnership between Acme and City & Guilds of London School of Art funded by the Foyle Foundation in 2017-18. Aiming to provide a bridge between art school and professional practice, the award includes a generous bursary, rent-free studio space and a mentoring programme. Recipients of Acme’s Early Career Awards Programme work from shared studios in order to encourage an environment of peer support and critical dialogue.